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Maribor; city with a thirst

A river runs thru Maribor, the Drava and it’s filled with wine. Being the second largest city of Slovenia it has many mouths to fill with the rich and traditional history of winemaking. The home of the oldest grapevine, over 400 years old, it’s even noted in the Guinness World Records. Right on the doorstep of a great wine cellar you can’t leave Maribor without enjoying some samples of the large white wine collection.

Every time I looked towards one of the hills seen from the city center I could see them. The grapevines towering over the city and reminding me that I was thirsty. Besides it being a reasonable 30 degrees Celsius I couldn’t help it but to drink. When the hills are so fruitful the wine almost drips down into the city and the river has a good nose, as wine enthusiasts say.

You know people take their drinks serious when you name a queen to present and promote your wine. A fair maiden not beyond the age of 26 with a healthy knowledge of the regions product is named each year just to be the poster girl. Combine this with a throne and a court of knights and imagine how into wine these people are.

During the whole year there are different events where you can sample and enjoy that what might be Slovenia’s best kept secret. In september Maribor hosts the yearly Old Vine Festival where songs and glasses go hand in hand with dancing and drinking.

If you don’t care much for wine but love a good festival then visit the famous LENT Festival. Two weeks showing you the traditional as well as the modern side of Slovenia. Live music, great food, welcoming people this all is part of LENT. It takes place along the banks of the river and in the local parks. A great way to get to know Slovenia and the Steyerska region.

But if you want to travel anywhere outside of Maribor let the wine trails take you there.
But be careful and try to to wake up somewhere along the city banks cause one of the locals might drown you in the Drava.


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