Gino van Weenen

Schrijver, denker en cultureel ondernemer


Gino van Weenen (1986) is a performer, writer and creative entrepreneur. Starting off as an actor but quickly moving on to writing. With his poetry he made waves in the Dutch Poetry Slam.

Having broad interests in arts & culture he reached for the stars and tried every aspect of the spectrum. Organizing, educating, advising and lecturing on writing, contemporary art and spoken word.

He currently works for a multitude of Dutch contemporary art centers, Theater Rotterdam, Bibliotheek Aanzet, Poetry Circle Nowhere and was vice-president of JongRRKC, advisory board for Rotterdam arts & culture.

In his downtime he publishes on different blogs like Rotterdam, I Love You and Vers Beton.  He is also the co-creator and writer for the Rotterdam Indie travel guide, an app which takes you to different underground spots in Rotterdam.

In recent times he also drifted towards journalism and columns.



Gino van Weenen (1986)

Gino van Weenen kwam ter wereld in Gouda maar is inmiddels geworteld in Rotterdam. Hij is spoken word-artiest, presentator, moderator en educator. Via poëzie, literatuur, beeldende kunst en theater probeert hij kijkers en luisteraars mee te nemen naar nieuwe inzichten. Hij stond op diverse festivals, zowel solo als met Poetry Circle Nowhere. Tegenwoordig mogen vele podia rekenen op woorden en gebaren die groter zijn dan de verbeelding. Zijn teksten verschenen in woord en beeld in diverse bloemlezingen en publicaties.

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